46. Organ Donation

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June 16, 2017

Conference notes medical science has pioneered relentlessly for many years, to extend and improve human life, Organ, and tissue donation is no exception. However what is the exception is the lack of publicity given to organ and tissue donation, there is literally thousands of people waiting for a donation, for: kidney, heart, liver, lungs, also for pancreas, small bowel, tissue as corneas, heart valve, skin and bone. In fact the NHS organ donation and transplant activity data, for the United Kingdom records on the 13th October 2016, the number of patients currently, on the transplant list is 6,599. Whereas in 2013, the figure was 7,313, although the figures suggest donors are being found, there are by far many, many, more urgently required.

Conference believes awareness of organ donor was needed yesterday, highlighting organ donation will make a difference to recipients’ life, without organ donation patients, have numerous hospital trips a week for transplant and treatment, or for other associated health aliments, and ultimately their fight for life may end in death. Alongside the myths, scepticism, fear, ethical and religious questions, the NHS website has plenty of accessible information, and does address the questions, of “am I too old to donate an organ?” “It’s against my religion” “the medics won’t make sure I’m dead before they remove my organs “

If the medical professions decide to use a donor, in the first instance consent is sought, all of the process involved and decisions is governed by a strict criterion.

Conference calls upon the National Executive Council:

  • To highlight via UNISON national publication, the importance and different types of organ donations;
  • Invite medical professionals to raise awareness at a fringe or workshop or to have an information stand at National Delegate Conference 2018.

Birmingham UNISON Branch